EAS trying http instead of https when behind load balancer configured with SSL


I ran into an issue when trying to use the https://myepmsuite/easconsole/easclient.jar URL for the first time since configuring SSL on our load balancer. Java opened and tried to load the EAS client, but it stopped with “Unable to launch the application.” The URL it listed was http://myepmsuite/easconsole/easclient.jar.


It looks like the Weblogic Plugin has to be enabled for SSL to be sent to the EAS server. I did the following:

Open the Weblogic console for the EPM domain and log in: http://epm:7001/console

Click Lock & Edit at the top left and then click Servers after the page refreshes.


Find your EssbaseAdminServices0 in the list of servers and click on the name.


Click Advanced at the bottom of the window.

2_WL_Click Advanced

Check the “Weblogic Plug-in Enabled” button.

4_WL_Check Weblogic Plug-in enabled

Click Activate Changes.

5_WL_Check Activate Changes

Perform these same actions for each EAS server you have running. After enabling the plugin on all of the EAS instances, restart the EAS services on each server. The https:// URL should start resolving after cleaning temporary internet files and trying again.


Good Luck!





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