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I finally several documents from our Hyperion’s Workspace repository. I only migrated the interactive reporting documents AND the related OCE files. I found out that if you export the IR files, without the needed OCEs, will break when imported onto the new server, so I imported the OCEs first.

When I exported the files using the Lifecycle migration utility in Shared Services, I compressed the folder and moved it to the new server. After extracting the files into the import_export folder, I had to create a folder with the name of RnA-Reporting and Analysis. I then moved all of the extracted files into this folder. Two subfolders exist in the newly created folder: info and resource. I created the file Import.xml in the same folder containing the extracted files. This file is based off of the info/listing.xml file. The newly created file contained the following:

 <User name="" password=""/>
 <Source type="FileSystem" filePath="/"/>
 <Target type="Application" product="HAVA" project="Reporting and Analysis" application="Reporting and Analysis"/>
 <Artifact recursive="true" parentPath="/Repository Objects/import_folder" pattern="*"/>

I also copied this file into the RnA-Reporting and Analysis folder. I created the new folder, import_folder, in the workspace before attempting to import the files. I’m not sure if this was required, but that is what I did.

I did this last week, so I might not have remembered every step. Please ask me if you have any questions. I will be updating and correcting this post when I migrate more files.




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