Recreate the EPM RnA Reporting and Analysis Framework after deletion


If you don’t want to restore EPM to repair/correct a deleted R&A Framework that was deleted from Shared Services, you can do the following:

To get get Reporting and Analysis back, you can use the Reset Configuration Tool with the following steps:

1. Stop EPM Services

3. In a command prompt, run the following three commands individually from the \Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem1\bin directory

resetConfigTask -product raframework -task hubRegistration
resetConfigTask -product raframework -task preConfiguration
resetConfigTask -product raframework -task applicationServerDeployment

4. Launch the configuration utility and re-configure R&A components under Reporting and Analysis.

you can re-use the same tables, or you can drop and re-create depending on what you want to do.



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