How to Install and Configure Anagraph on Windows XP


I have a lot of people searching around for this document from my old site:

How to install Anagraph DesignPro 3.5 on Windows XP:

I have had Anagraph DesignPro 3.5 running on Window XP for the past year. It has been great. It is running on 4 – Pentium 4 class computers, of which 2 are used 10 hours a day with IOLINE cutters. I was brought in to an office to upgrade their old pentium and pentium II computers to newer P4 computers. I was told that we had to leave Windows 98 on them because of this Anagraph program, which was new to me then. So I borrowed a hardware key, and went to work finding out ways to get it to work, without problems, on Windows XP. I was successful. Below you will find my secret. You will have to download will have to download two pieces of software to make this work. If you would prefer to “order” a CD from me with all the required files for the XP installation of DesignPro, then please do so at the address below. I am not selling Anagraph DesignPro 3.5 or any other software, but I am distributing the solution to make this great program continue to help the hundreds of you out there that still profit from Anagraph DesignPro.

*NOTE: I am no longer able to offer support with the installation or troubleshooting of Anagraph. I have not had any luck with this working with Anagraph brand cutters.

The contents of the PDF are below, and the original PDF is at the very bottom.

Installing AnaGraph 3.5 on a Windows 2000 or XP computer.

  1. Install AnaGraph from the floppies. Ignore any errors and don’t install hardware key drivers.
  2. Download & Install the Sentinel Medic driver for Windows XP from the following website:
  3. Launch the Sentinel Medic software from the start menu and detect your hardware key (plug key in before detecting). Choose the Key type (Scribe I think) and click detect.
  4. Start Anagraph with your hardware key in place. It should launch properly.

Printing with Anagraph

I have only had experience with IOLINE plotters, so this may be different for other brand plotters. Anagraph will not print directly to the plotter like it did in Windows 9x, so in order to print, you will have to save the output as a plot file.

  1. Open your saved document, and go to the Plotter menu and select Plot….
  2. On the Plot menu, check the Plot to Offline File option, and your other options that you usually set.

  3. Type in a file name and save the out put file. Remember the saved location.
  4. Close Anagraph (or Minimize it).

The following applies only to IOLINE plotters. Other plotters may have similar utilities. I have not had any luck getting this XP installation method to work with any Anagraph branded plotter or cutter. See the attached Anagraph.pbf file for more detailed instructions.

  1. Open the IOLINE SmartTrac I/S Control Center Utility. If you do not have this installed, go to to download.
  2. Go to the File menu and choose Send Cut/Plot File….

  3. Choose your filename and cutter should start running.

Get the Anagraph PDF here:





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