Upgrading Oracle Enterprise Manager Server from 11g to 12c (OMS12c) on RHEL 5 x86_64


I ran into a problem when trying to upgrade my Oracle Enterprise Manager server from 11g to 12c. It appeared that I was missing a dependency package, that I didn’t notice was required. If you are trying to install, and are having the plugin prerequisites check fail, verify that you have the glibc-devel package installed.

To verify that the packages are installed, execute the following:

sudo rpm -qa | grep glibc-devel

If no results are returned, run the following to install it:

sudo yum install glibc-devel

Go to http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/install.121/e22624/install_em_exist_db.htm#BGBIDJFA to view all the prerequisites.

I continued to have problems, until I took a look at the pre_custom_cfg_timestamp.trc log file, and it said: “Patches for the following bugs need to be applied before attempting plugin deployment: [13242773].” The patch was for, and I was installing the release. I tried installing the patch anyways, and opatch let me complete the installation, without any complaints. I didn’t execute the post_install.sh.

After patching, I ran the ConfigureGC.sh utility, and everything else ran properly.





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