IBM WebSphere and InfoSphere Information Server Update LDAP Bind Password (after resetting externally)

  • Encode your new password by this site and copy the new encoded password:

On your WebSphere server, edit the wim-config.xml and update the saved encoded value with the new value from the webpage above:

  1. cd /opt/IBM/WebSphere9/AppServer/profiles/InfoSphere/config/cells/<cell_name_here>/wim/config
  2. vim wim-config.xml
  3. search for “xor”
  4. Find this section bindPassword=”{xor}a34adst565trFxUXbdasdsadf8″ and update the password value with the result from the webpage above.
  5. Save the file and restart WebSphere.

See this page for more information and tips:
WebSphere – The Basics on Security, Directories and Federated Repositories


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