Essbase Crashing Issue


We recently (last week) came across an issue with Essbase where the applications and databases would crash and go offline if a user drilled down to level 0. I started happening once or twice, then it got to the point where the database server started crashing. After working with Oracle, it does appear to be a bug and is should be fixed in the .105 release of Essbase. Our problem is that the drill down is not allowing our users to continue working, so we had to roll back to The .102 release has an issue that returned hundreds of thousands of blank rows for some users, which causes timeout and me having to set the max rows returned much higher in both APS and the essbase.cfg (2 million). The .103 release fixed this issue, along with many other issues we experience with .102, but .103 introduced a bug with the alternate hierarchies. The hundreds of reports our users have created will not function with this bug, so .103 wasn’t an option. With .105 being released soon (was supposed to be released Friday), we hope that this patch will be the answer to all of our issues with Essbase I hope the rest of you are functioning OK with a previous patch level, or using the new when released.

Good luck!



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