EPM installTool and configTool – Record Response File for Silent Installation


I use the following to record an installation response file details to use as a future silent install and config task. This will create a unique file name each time, to avoid overwriting the previous:

./installTool.sh -record EPM_11_1_2_4_Install_$(hostname -s)_$(echo $RANDOM)_RunAs_$(whoami).rsp

The same can be applied to the configTool.sh command

./configTool.sh -record EPM_11_1_2_4_config_$(hostname -s)_$(echo $RANDOM)_RunAs_$(whoami).rsp

To perform the silent install, chance the record to silent:

./installTool.sh -silent EPM_11_1_2_4_Install_$(hostname -s)_$(echo $RANDOM)_RunAs_$(whoami).rsp
./configTool.sh -silent EPM_11_1_2_4_config_$(hostname -s)_$(echo $RANDOM)_RunAs_$(whoami).rsp



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