EPM APS Timeouts – Increase


If users experience this error, the timeout for APS via OHS might be the cause:

Smart View Error “Cannot connect to the provider. Make sure it is running in the specified host/port. Error (503)

APS Timeout 503 error

Adjust the APS timeouts for Smartview within this config file e:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\EPMINSTANCE\httpConfig\ohs\config\OHS\ohs_component\mod_wl_ohs.conf on each of the servers with OHS installed:

<LocationMatch ^/aps>
SetHandler weblogic-handler
WeblogicCluster EPMALUAT.turner.com:13080
Idempotent OFF
#Added WLIOTimeoutSecs 6000 to troubleshoot smartview timeout.
WLIOTimeoutSecs 6000
WLSocketTimeoutSecs 6000

The two WLSocketTimeoutSecs and WLIOTimeoutSecs to the time in seconds that you want. We currently have 6000 set, which is equal to 100 minutes.

Good luck!



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